Sierras de Mijas. This is the mountain range behind the village. When we get out it is important to bring sufficient amounts of water. Sometimes more water is needed than we think. Mountains a hot day in the sun is not to be underestimated. Good shoes and a backpack is recommended. When we walk with someone who really knows the area, it is nice to walk outside of the trails. However, walking on our own, it is safer to pick one of the trails marked from the map, please see the link. The trails are indicated through out the measures: easy, intermediate, advanced, very advanced. Please keep in mind that the coverage of mobile telephony may be limited. So even though you have  a map in your phone, you could need a paper map.

Official  trekking map of Mijas

The video is created by the friend Juan Cortés Quero, musician, photographer and mountain guide.

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