When would you like to come and visit La Tardecita in Spain?
Just let us know and we will help you to book your stay right away!

Would you like to bring friends, family, study group, girlie-group, mens-group, colleagues?
To create full clarity, we are glad to help you with the planning free of charge and offer these 3 steps:

IDEA MEETING 15 min at Zoom
You give us an idea about what you are looking for and we tell you what we can offer. If this sounds interesting we proceed to the next step.

PLANNING MEETING  15- 60 min at Zoom
This meeting is with you as an organizer where we elaborate a custom made itinerary, program, check list and invitation. You book your stay with us. Then you speak to your friends group and book your flights.

WELCOME MEETING 15-60 min at Zoom
An informative, warm and inspiring meeting with you and your group. We go through the material and answer questions.

Contact person:
Ann-Marie ”Anita de Las Lomas” Näslund
+46 709 96 86 22 WhatsApp, Telegram

Please drop us an e-mail, contact us over Messenger or WhatsApp. We schedule a video call over Zoom and get everything sorted and take care your reservation.


La Tardecita is located between Malaga and Marbella. The nearest airport is Malaga (AGP), which is about 25 minutes away. When we know you are coming, we will send a taxi to the airport to pick you up. Welcome!


Spain and Sweden are in the timezone called ”CET=Central European Time”. Summertime, however, ”CEST = Central European Summer Time” is applied. Another term for the same timezone is ”UTC+1”. As we speak to people in many different timezones, we thought it could be both fun and helpful to display the clocks below.

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