Anita de Las Lomas

Anita has been given the assignment to helping people find their own power. This power lives within us, and through it we can create everything we want in our lives. We get access to it when we know how to think correctly. More and more people learn this, and consequently feel better. However, the majority of us are still living in confusion and ignorance of the enormous opportunities that exist.

”The Creative Thought Process” affects health, relationships, economy and everyone is entitled to this knowledge. It’s about studying a science, a special technique. Those who have tried it affirm this is the most beneficial and rewarding thing one can do in life. The application of the technique gives life force with which we create joy and happiness. Anita guides in a humble and inspiring way.

As a Life Coach, she works on two projects: VISION NATURAL and DESIGNING YOUR DREAM LIFEHer focus is ”the inner faculties and natural abilities of the body”. Anita is certified in a variety of methods and develops her own. An important tool is THE CLARITY COMPASS that is used together with ”The Creative Thought Process” .

At the moment, the project Vision Natural is available in Swedish only, but later on it will be brought to light also in English and Spanish. Soon, there will be a complete training program for self-study with group sessions online. Currently individual sessions are offered. CONTACT.

“Anita de Las Lomas” is the new name given to her by the locals in Spain. How this happened, is shown in the video. Ann-Marie Näslund is still the official name, which implies she listens to Ann-Marie and Ami that many are used to, but most preferably Anita.

For many years Anita has found very valuable information along with her client friends – thousands of curious and competent people, many of whom work as life coaches and healers. Her greatest role model in life is Nature itself.

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